About School
  • About School

    Lourdes Public School & Junior College is located in the heart of Kottayam town in Kerala which is popularly known as "The Land of Letters, Lakes and Latex". It is nestled under the serene surroundings of Lourdes Forane Church.
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  • Management

    Lourdes Public School and Junior College is owned and managed by Lourdes Education Trust on behalf of Lourdes Forane Church belonging to the Archdiocese of Changanacherry. The Archbishop of Changanacherry is its Patron and the vicar of Lourdes Forane Church is the Manager.
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  • Campus

    The School can boast of a sprawling building which houses a well furnished administrative block, class rooms, the Science, Maths, Computer and Language labs. The campus also includes an extensive playground, a top class Basketball court with ample facilities and a football ground.
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  • Sports And Games

    The school ground has facilities for Basket ball, Foot ball, Volleyball, Shuttle, Badminton, Long Jump, High Jump, Short Put etc. to develop the habit of sports-man-spirit in students. The physical education department also organizes various outdoor programme.
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  • Study Tour

    Tours and picnics form an integral part of our curriculum where students learn a lot from real life situations. They add a sense of confidence and cooperation in them. Every year students are taken to educational and recreational destinies where a homely atmosphere and safety is ensured.
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  • Arts Festival

  • Computer Lab

    The school has modern computer laboratories to impart Computer education for all classes. Trained and qualified teachers guide students to meet future challenges in this field.
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  • Library

    The school library is well stocked with good reading material for the students. The school subscribes magazines and periodicals and updates library shelves with latest books in a regular manner.
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  • Science Lab

    The school has fully established and well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Students conduct experiments, demonstrations and project works.
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  • Curriculum

    The scheme of studies, the scheme of examinations and the course of study prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education are strictly followed. Text books based on the scheme of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) are taught from Class I onwards.
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  • Courses Of Study

    Pre-primary : L.K.G � U.K.G.
    Primary Classes : I � VIII
    Secondary Classes : IX � X
    Senior Secondary Classes : XI�XII

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  • Subjects Of Study

    Primary Classes
    English, Malayalam, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Art Education, Physical Education, Work Experience, Computer Science, EVS (V - VIII) and Moral Science.
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  • Alumni

    Welcome To the Lourdes Alumni Family ! Through this website, we sincerely hope you get the platform to reconnect and reunite with your long lost network of friends and teachers.
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  • Literary Association

    To develop the hidden literary talents in students literary associations are conducted every week. They also help develop an overall personality through self expression.
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  • P.T.A

    The school PTA plays a vital and supportive role in the functioning of the school. It makes timely suggestions for the infrastructural and academic improvement of the school. Seminars for parents and teachers are conducted under its auspicious. The PTA general body meets once in a year.
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